Religion and Not God is Hated by the Present Generation

The present generation is of the belief that religion is one of the worst things created by mankind. There are many people who agree with this statement. Religion is man-made. It is basically a set of regulations and rules which the followers of a community need to follow for     getting the blessings of God. If the followers do not follow these regulations and rules, they need to fear the curses of God. Therefore, religion is something that is forced upon people. People are forcefully made to follow religion. It is only because of this reason that the present generation hates religion while it has complete faith in the power of God.

Why Man-Made God is Fake? It is only because of the evolution of Religion and the way religion has been portrayed by its makers that has actually made an unattractive and bad image of the Almighty in the minds of the young generation. The younger generation is fully aware of the fact that God has love for all its beings and they are of the belief that there is no darkness in the light of God and therefore there is complete absence of evil or darkness in God. It is to be understood that the present generation does not follow religion because they have a boring image of God laid in front of them by the people who proclaim to be highly religious. The main point here is that the younger generation is not at all interested in worshipping the God that has been created by religion. This is because the God created by religion is always prepared to send curses and beat them the moment they are found doing something wrong.


God as Portrayed by Religion

Religion never portrays God as a very good father rather it has showed God to be angry with the entire humanity. As per religion and its believers, it is important for people to follow certain rules and regulations in order to appease the anger of God. There are even some important rituals that need to be followed in avoiding God’s wrath. The present generation is always in the look out of something original and real. They do not seem to be interested in following certain rules and regulations and doing rituals that they actually do not understand. Real God, the God that has created the entire human race does not seem to be interested in rules, regulations and rituals. The present generation believes that God in particularly interested in good relationships.

Real God is Unconditional

Religion has been successful in establishing great fear in the hearts of people and it is only because of this fear that people have been forced to carry out certain tasks which they do not even understand. They do it just for the sake of their religion. They do it only because their religion wants them to do so in the name of God. People should always remember that God loves every human being and is completely unconditional. People should not fear God; instead they must love and accept the existence of God.